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Crop Over’s Grand Kadooment has come to an end, and we hope all the locals and visitors to Barbados have had a safe and exciting jump up.

Planning a trip to Barbados?10  Here is 10 great reasons to book a villa!

Barbados is known for its rum, hospitable people, great food, epic parties like Grand Kadooment and much more.

Here’s why you should take a trip to our beautiful island of Barbados, home to white sand beaches and villas that will make your escape to paradise that much sweeter.

The Food

"Three-time Formula 1 Champion driver, Lewis Hamilton returns to Bushy Park Barbados to take part in the celebrations for Barbados’ 50th Anniversary of Independence during the inaugural Barbados Festival of Speed on May 7th and May 8th 2016.

The 2016 Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals Canadian Tour at Holders Polo Field was a great success, the Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals team fought hard to beat the visiting Canadian team 2 out of three matches.

Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals partnered with UNNA and ICBL to host the ever popular Cheshire Polo tour for 2016, the tournament was a great success!

It's the first Gold Cup win for owners Steven and Allan Madoo of Trinidad & Tobago, the win came on a firm track from the Robert Peirce trained bay horse riden by Jalon Samuel to claim the win in a time of 1:49.4.

Realtors Ltd has been a proud sponsor of the Realtors Limited Race Day for many years and this year was an exceptionally special one, the first race which was the Realtors Limited Agents of Guardian General Insurance Race was won by our very own,

Travelling abroad with the family this Christmas? Or maybe just cross-country for the holidays? Here are a few tips that are sure to help make the festive season away from home a bit easier.

The Fairmont Royal Pavilion has just re-opened its Palm Terrace restaurant, with a new menu designed and executed by Executive Chef Kirk Kirton. Enjoy locally inspired dishes as you look out on to the extraordinary view of the Caribbean Sea.

Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals welcomes back Mr. and Mrs. Petr Vanicek,

All the staff of Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals would like to congratulate our Villa Rentals Manager Mrs. Allison Gill for her exceptional hard work during the CVQ Management course, she has now reached a level 3 qualification.

“Mr. Nick” Parravicino celebrated his 84th birthday on Sep 2.

We’ve been told that WestJet has reduced fares to Barbados, so head to the WestJet website and book your flights before the discounts are over!

Approaching Christmas, there’s plenty to do in Barbados besides duty-free shopping for presents. 

The Sandy Lane Gold Cup is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. It is considered the most prestigious horse race in the Eastern Caribbean, and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. And for good reasons, too.

The old expression “Nothing succeeds like success” is so true.

For some, holiday relaxation means tucking into a good book with a tropical sunset backdrop. Others require a little more activity, like teeing off on a designer course while breathing in the fresh sea air outside.

Barbados: the little Caribbean island that offers a holiday of dreams for travellers and a home of warm delight for its residents.

While out on a bender one night with my unmarried bros, after many pints, we came up with the idea of all going on holiday in the Caribbean. The rules for our brocation were simple: no women; no work; no ifs, ands or buts.

Anyone who owns and loves a pet knows that it’s incredibly difficult leaving them behind as you set off for a fun-filled breakaway.

Whenever we went on holiday, I used to try to picture how the outside world sees my family, and I’m pretty certain I wasn’t far off – we were the family with one kid screaming while the other runs off to who-knows-where, and the mom – sweaty and f

As parents, my husband and I have always made an effort to run the family as a close-knit unit. It’s the little things like good times and good gestures that make bonds stronger.

Growing up, I imagined wonderful things for my future – a life of happiness, fulfilment, love and all things shiny. I imagined a beautiful home, a loving family unit, a successful career, and a sexy physique.