A bit of Family Fun

A bit of Family Fun

As parents, my husband and I have always made an effort to run the family as a close-knit unit. It’s the little things like good times and good gestures that make bonds stronger. This little nugget of information has enriched our relationships beyond words. We whip out board games or a deck of cards after dinner sometimes, and we all watch movies and munch on popcorn when the weather won’t play along for a barbeque.

Now we’re getting ready to go on holiday. I’m welling up with excitement. My family is gearing up for a getaway that’s bound to make memories. My home is buzzing with anticipation. I’m surprised the kids still have fingertips – they’ve been Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagraming every moment building up to it. And my hubby is at the dining table polishing his clubs with the faint look of dreaming in his eyes (I’m actually surprised he also still has fingertips). We’ve packed all our island essentials, and now we’re prepping our minds to be blown by an awesome vacay.

While organising this adventure, I decided we need a few family activities for our holiday. Here’s what I came up with:

A Holiday Goal

We’ve decided to make a goal for the holiday: take photos of every activity, memory, and beautiful view so that we can chronicle our adventure when we’re back home again. We’ll make a scrapbook of it. Sounds silly and sentimental, I know. And yes, it may be sentimental, but silly it is not. The kids get to have fun snapping away with all their little devices, and they’ll include us in the process – getting our opinions, showing off their masterpieces, etc.

Sunset Picnic

Our vacation may be a short one, but there’s no reason we can’t commit to having at least one picnic on the beach at sunset. As a family, we’ll take in the view, breathe in the fresh ocean air and really unwind together. Experiencing nature’s bountiful qualities will make a memory worth scrapbooking.


While we’re on our island getaway, why not make use of a niche activity? Regardless of age or gender, snorkelling is something that no one in my family will turn down. The underwater world is amazing! And colourful. And interesting. And very different to any other view in the world. It’ll be a new experience for us all.

Aside from the ups and downs that are bound to happen in every family, our little family fun tricks have proven to be worthwhile. I see it in the way our kids talk to us and the fact that they’re still partially open to receiving affection, despite puberty. If there’s something I should say to parents wanting to connect with their kids, it’s don’t be afraid to get creative, and don’t neglect to make even a small gesture.

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