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10 Great Reasons to Rent a Villa

10 Great Reasons to Rent a Villa

Planning a trip to Barbados?10  Here is 10 great reasons to book a villa!

Savings – When you are traveling with your family or a large group of friends, renting a private villa in Barbados will result in significant savings compared to multiple hotel rooms.

Personal Service – Our villas feature top trained reliable staff who are there to serve you! No need to wait on lunch times or when your laundry will be back, the staff in house are there for you and your family only.

Dining – Don’t go down stairs to the “5 Star” hotel restaurant and have to wait for the Host/Hostess to have to seat you. Your villa comes complete with a chef ready to prepare you custom meals that will make you never forget your Barbados Vacation.

Amenities – Why go to a hotel and share your pool? Wait in line for ping pong? Or worst have to share the WI-FI!!! Our selection of villas feature their own high speed Wi-Fi, cable television, and much more. 

Personal Space – During you stay in Barbados, your villa is a place where you dictate the pace. Spend the day lounging at your private pool, Perfect. Play your music throughout the house, Perfect. Hit the gym without having to worry about other people on the equipment, Perfect. Another rum punch before dinner, why not there isn’t a line at the bar anyway.

Location – Our private villas are set in beautiful locations, with beachfront, stunning ocean views, and vast tropical gardens. Barbados is known for its stunning views, and your villa will make sure whether it’s in the bedroom or on the patio you always have a breathtaking panoramic.

High End Living – Being in such a competitive market our villas are kept current, featuring high end finishes and quality furniture. All this equates to the most comfortable Barbados vacation you can have!

Peace – Don’t worry about trying to take a sunset dip in the pool and have to ask other guests for room to swim, it’s your private pool. Have the villa staff put on your favourite music, mix you a nice drink and go relax in the tranquility of your private Barbados oasis.

Security – With in-room safes and night watchmen in select villas, these private properties offer a higher level of peace of mind. Also you don’t have to worry about leaving your phone or iPad by the pool or dinning room, you are the only one with access to these areas.

Off Season Discounts – During the summer you can expect to save big on your trip to Barbados, our villas are priced to make sure you have plenty left over to get out and see this beautiful island!

Our villas offer you so much more than what you can get at a hotel, our dedicated team is here to make sure that your Barbados vacation is the best vacation you ever had.

We look forward to welcoming you home on your next Barbados Trip.

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