Brocation in Barbados

Brocation in Barbados

While out on a bender one night with my unmarried bros, after many pints, we came up with the idea of all going on holiday in the Caribbean. The rules for our brocation were simple: no women; no work; no ifs, ands or buts. We dubbed it “the best idea of the decade”. It’s quite possible we were right.

As a couple of early thirty-somethings, we’re at that lucky age where we enjoy things aimed at both the younger and the older crowds. We’re quite happy to throw back a few in a nightclub, and just as willing to indulge in fine wine and dining (and a Cuban cigar, of course).

After everyone’s leave was approved, arrangements and bookings were made, and payments were processed, we quickly started gearing up for the brocation of a lifetime. And before we knew it, we were on a plane headed for Barbados.

Upon arrival, we were met with the sunlight of a tropical paradise and the promise of a partially unforgettable holiday (keeping in mind the memory-wiping abilities of a few too many drinks). What ensued was a trip that will go down in history as my all-time favourite getaway.

Cramming as much as we could into our one week brocation, we managed to cover a lot of activities. We spent an enjoyable few mornings teeing off at the Royal Westmoreland and Green Monkey courses, we enjoyed bar hopping along the coast, we populated the dance floors of a few clubs (although it seems most of us have only left feet anyway), we spent a day on a catamaran cruise where we swam and drank and ate ‘til we couldn’t anymore, and, after much deliberation (NOT!), we even opted for an evening at a gentlemen’s club.

And of course, on most nights (whether out for dinner or at the resort) we followed a tried and tested routine of sundowners, followed by after-sundowners, followed by nightcaps, and then several more nightcaps, and then a one-for-the-roader followed by a few more one-for-the-roaders. So the usual routine.

We probably could’ve toned down the parties and drinks a bit and upped the daytime sight-seeing and all that, but why would we? This was our chance to be men, unleashed in all our glory. Our chance to take our everyday stresses, responsible bedtimes and professional personas and shove them into a metaphorical gym bag, out of sight, in the furthest corner of our minds. We did exactly that, and it was awesome.


Use the comment section below to tell us your brocation stories, or about whatever bright ideas you and your buddies came up with on a night out.

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