Setting Realistic Goals, and Seeing them through

Setting Realistic Goals, and Seeing them through

The old expression “Nothing succeeds like success” is so true. Each time you conceive a project, set it in motion and accomplish the results you’d envisioned, you not only gain the confidence to turn your ideas into reality, you change your thinking process into one of optimism and self-confidence. This self-assurance can spread like wildfire through everything you do, fostering further success.

The belief in yourself is essential to completion of many projects big and small. Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of his time is a rags to riches success story. Edison began as a poor child who was almost entirely home schooled by his mother. The inventor of the first commercially viable incandescent light bulb, it’s taken over a century to come up with a significant improvement over his invention. How did his life journey take him from an impoverished childhood to world renowned inventor and scientist? Selecting goals is the key.

Here are some ways to choose achievable goals:

Engage support from friends and family. - He credited his mother’s confidence in him with sparking his lifelong achievements. Friends were impressed with his accomplishments and one offered him a home and lab possibility when he had neither.

Have a specific goal.  - He had a vision to create a light bulb that was affordable. Your goal might be to develop a new organization, lose weight, build muscle, improve your cooking, accumulate cash for your dream vacation, build a shed or breed dairy goats. Whatever it is, if you have commitment, you have a good chance of succeeding.

Persevere till you win. – Edison’s perseverance was powered by optimism and drive - he succeeded after 10,000 attempts at a workable light bulb and was only bested over a century later by the LED bulb.

Choose the right project. – Select a project that you can commit to. It must be something that you find worthwhile. If you don’t have the skills to complete it, you can engage others to work with you. As in Edison’s case, your goal may be unbelievably difficult, but with vision and commitment success may await you.

It’s OKAY to fail – Fear of failure stops many people. Don’t let it stop you. Do your best to succeed, but when you don’t, learn why, formulate a new strategy and try again.

Keep a record from beginning to end. Memory is often unreliable. Keep a record of what you plan and do. It can guide you to improvement.

Each time you succeed in setting realistic goals and attaining the desired results, you’ll be creating a stronger, more self-confident, more accomplished you.

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