Explore Barbados - Carlisle Bay

Explore Barbados - Carlisle Bay

Our next stop takes us to the south coast of Barbados to Carlisle Bay, possibly the most beautiful beach spot in Barbados. Though this gem of Barbados is a little ways away from the villas on the platinum west coast, it is worth a visit.

Located just outside the capital city of Bridgetown this picturesque bay offers visitors to Barbados the chance to swim in the calm crystal clear water, walk the sandy beach, snorkel with the turtles, dive the wrecks and much more.

The bay itself was named after the Earl of Carlisle, which was the title held by James Hay the Lord Proprietor of the British West Indian Colonies at the time.  Prior to the building of the deep water harbour Carlisle bay was used as a port for larger ships visiting the island which could not fit into the Careenage at that time, guests would be welcomed on to the island via the Aquatic Club’s jetty.

Visitors to Carlisle Bay will enjoy a picturesque view of small fishing vessels and sail boats moored throughout the bay, but beneath the water lies a few boats worth checking out as well. Snorkel and diving enthusiasts are welcome to explore the six wrecks that currently call the bottom of Carlisle Bay their home, all of these boats were decommissioned and sank to create man made reefs for the protected marine park.

Carlisle Bay also has a wide selection of bars and restaurants you can visit during you time there, many of which will rent you a beach chair and umbrella to make your day in the bay that much sweeter. The Cruising Club offers great day pass options allowing visitors to use the facilites, restaruant and bar also to rent paddle boards and small Hobie Cats (Small two person catamaran boats).

On Sunday morning visitors to Carlisle Bay can also enjoy another hidden treasure as the horses from the local race track take to the sea in the early hours of the morning for a swim, the Aquatica Hotel offers breakfast and coffee for thier clients while you enjoy watching these gentle giants enjoy the ocean before returning to thier stables. 

Barbados holds many great adventures and history for visitors and locals to discover, we invite everyone to get out there and experience this beautiful island and all it has to offer!

N.B Wrecks in Carlisle Bay Include; The Bajan Queen, The Cornwallis, The CE Trek, The Ellion, The Berwyn and the newest addition The Trident. 

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