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Explore Barbados - The Animal Flower Cave

Explore Barbados - The Animal Flower Cave

As we continue our journey to explore Barbados, we find ourselves in the North of the Island at The Animal Flower Cave. You will not find many villas, homes or business around here, but the views and experience are one of a kind.

Animal Flower Cave is a must see during your trip to Barbados, before entering the cave you are invited to take a walk around the area and see the beauty of the cliffs and reefs which make up this side of the island. The water on this side is a little rougher than on the West Coast, though swimming is not advised locals can be found diving for Lobsters and sometimes even larger prey.

The Cave was discovered by explorer and author Reverend Griffith Hughes who spotted the cave while at sea. The steps down into the cave were built in the early 1900’s and were placed in a natural blowhole that lead into the cave. Upon entering, guests to the cave will get a first glimpse of the magnificent chamber and view out to sea. During your guided tour you will see many rock formations which resemble animals such as sea turtles and iguanas. Tour guides also encourage guest to interact with the anemones or “animal flowers”, these beautiful creatures flourish in the cave and are magnificent to see as they close up before you can touch them.

To complete your tour, visitors will get a chance to swim in the natural cave "swimming" pool. A must do during your cave experience! This pool is kept fresh by the sea water flowing through the cave window, but during storm surges it can be quite dangerous and also has a blow hole which comes to life during bad weather. Thankfully your tour guide will make sure conditions are right for a peaceful swim in this tranquil cave environment.

Once your tour is over there are many stalls around which sell locally made Barbados Souvenirs, and there is also a restaurant selling lovely Barbadian food and some nice ice cold beer and refreshments.

Animal Flower Cave is a must see during your trip to Barbados, but its only one of many great things to do here on our beautiful Island. 

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