Explore Barbados - The Garrison Savannah

Explore Barbados - The Garrison Savannah

As our journey around beautiful Barbados continues we find ourselves at this historic Garrison Savannah. This UNESCO world heritage site has served as everything from a training ground for the regiments protecting Barbados to a race track hosting horses from around the world.  

Upon visiting The Garrison Savannah you will get a glimpse of part of the largest collection of 17th century English cannons in the western hemisphere, these historical cannons line the outskirts of the race track allowing visitors to view them in close proximity. *The remaining collection is preserved with in St. Ann's Fort*

The Garrison is appropriately named as the surrounding buildings include;

St. Ann’s Fort – Home to the Barbados Defense Force which has proudly protected Barbados for over 30 years

The Clock Tower – This building serves as a continued beacon of historical importance in Barbados, even to this day they still perform the traditional changing of the sentry ceremony

George Washington House – Tours of this beautifully preserved Barbadian home are a must see, see how the first president of the United States lived during his many visits to Barbados

The Barbados Museum – Take a walk through the museum to experience the rich past of Barbados and see the steps that brought us to where we are today.

During your trip to Barbados be sure to visit The Garrison Savannah on Saturday to watch the horse racing, they are three racing seasons through the year and the race days can be found on The Barbados Turf Clubs website. If your trip finds you in Barbados during the first week of March then the Sandy Lane Gold Cup is a must! Horses from around the world come to compete for this prestigious title, making for a great day of racing and entertainment.

From sport to culture, Barbados has a variety of things to offer its visitors and locals. Explore Barbados and start making memories that will last forever.

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How many people know, I wonder, that horse racing in Barbados was started on the Garrison Savannah in 1905 and has continued there annually until the present?

During your trip to Barbados in your new and glamourous villa we recommend getting out and experiencing our islands old and rich history.

Barbados is a land of beauty, great weather and excitement all year round.

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