Explore Barbados - Harrison's Cave

Explore Barbados - Harrison's Cave

Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing all the wonderful things you can do during your trip to Barbados, this week we kick start with what is quite possible the number 1 attraction in Barbados. Harrison’s Cave.

Harrison’s Cave is one of Barbados’s true wonders, this naturally occurring cave offers visitors an amazing view of the wonders and power of nature. Formed over centuries by water passing through the limestone rock that makes up Barbados, an intricate system of paths, tunnels and streams has shaped this attraction into a must see.

Huge stalactites hang from the roof of the cave stretching ever slowly to meet the powerful stalagmites which stand mightily on the cave ground. In many parts of the cave this process which can take millions of years has completed to make magnificent pillars, these pillars showcase the power and wonder of nature when left to its own devices.

Harrison’s cave has streams of crystal-clear water flowing throughout its expansive network of tunnels, these streams meet at various points to form pools which glimmer in the light of the cave. Visitors are transported through the cave in an electric tram, passing through many points such as the “Grand Hall”, “The Village” and “The Alter”. At the deepest point of the journey, visitors are invited to exit the tram and stand alongside a beautiful waterfall and experience the cave first hand.

The tour is a must see while on your trip in Barbados, Harrison’s Cave is opened to the public every day of the week (Excluding Public Holidays).

We encourage everyone to start exploring Barbados and its natural wonders, you will be surprised what you find!

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