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Barbados ... More Than Beaches and Sunshine

Barbados ... More Than Beaches and Sunshine

Don't be fooled. There is much more to Barbados than beaches and sunshine. In addition to the culture, cuisine, rum and annual Crop Over Festival this island's beauty is second to none.


In order to truly appreciate how magnificently flowers, trees and shrubs thrive on the island you must visit its public gardens among which are Andromeda Botanical Gardens, the Flower Forest Botanical Gardens and Hunte's Gardens, all in St. Joseph and Orchid World located in St. George. You may also wish to contact the Barbados Horticultural Society which has access to numerous private gardens.


The most popular cave on the island is Harrison's Cave which has been outfitted with elevators, lighting and gift shops, but there are others. Cole's Cave, also located in St. Thomas is long, low and narrow and involves diving underwater toward an exit. The Animal Flower Cave is located in cliffs in St. Lucy and is one of Barbados' amazing tourist attractions. The 'animal flowers' are, in fact, sea anemones and filter-feeding tube worms. Due to the limestone nature of Barbados, minor cave formations are quite common around the island.


Welchman Hall, Jack in the Box, Kellman, and Russia (Rusher) Gully are just some of many. Gullies are green, lush ecosystems comprising a wide variety of exotic fruit and shade trees among which are specimens of the Bearded Fig Tree, Travelers Palm, Trumpet Tree, and many others.

Our natural attractions are a joy to visit as they are peaceful and soothing to the spirit

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