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11 Parishes, 11 Most Instagramable Spots In Barbados.

11 Parishes, 11 Most Instagramable Spots In Barbados.

Barbados you beauty! There is so much to see in just 166 square miles. Rent a car from our friends at Go Car Rental, load up Google Maps and head out on a self-guided island tour of Barbados with your ‘social bubble’. Let’s start in the southern most parish, Christ Church and work our way up to St. Lucy in the north of Barbados. 


Christ Church 

The south coast of Barbados has many white sandy beaches to visit. Take a walk along the south coast boardwalk to beach hop and takes in the sights. The boardwalk features many cute beach bars, little lagoons perfect for swimming and this popular Earthworks Pottery Mural. Catch the sunset from the boardwalk and if you are lucky you may see sea turtles hatching as the boardwalk connects many of Barbados’s top turtle nesting beaches. Our top Instagram photo spot in Christ Church is the mural along the South Coast Boardwalk. Photo credit @iwe_rie.


St. Phillip

The beautiful southeastern parish of St. Philip is home to many popular beaches like Crane Beach, Bottom Bay , Harry Smith and Sam Lord’s where you can find historic ruins – a popular spot for photoshoots and intimate beach weddings.  Our top Instagram photo spot in St. Philip is Bottom Bay. Photo credit @brittany__michele.


St. Michael 

The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, is located in the southwest parish of St. Michael. This parish is home to many historic buildings within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bridgetown and the Garrison. One of our favourite ways to discover Bridgetown, and its unique architecture is with a walking food tour by Lickrish Food Tours. Our top Instagram photo spot in St. Michael is The Parliament buildings of Barbados, located in the historic Bridgetown. Photo credit @jonathanmcdougle


St. George

This land locked parish is one of two parishes that do not touch the coastline of Barbados (the other being St. Thomas). You can enjoy lush country views throughout St. George. One of our favourite look out spots on the island is at Gun Hill, a historic signal station. Not only are the views breathtaking but you can get a photo with the lion, carved from a single piece of coral stone in 1868 by Captain Henry Wilkinson, who was stationed at Gun Hill. Our top Instagram photo spot in St. George is Lion at Gun Hill. Photo credit @travelswithrav.


St. Thomas

Home to many famous gullies like Jack-In-The-Box Gully and Welchman Hall Gully (where the grapefruit was first discovered), St. Thomas is a lush landscape waiting to be explored. However, the most magical part of St. Thomas is an underground world of waterfalls, streams, stalactites, and stalagmites. Book a tram tour or walking adventure tour at Harrison’s Cave, you won’t regret it! Our top Instagram photo spot in St. Thomas is Harrison’s Cave. Photo credit @travelgirloverseas


St. John

The East Coast of Barbados is home to many historic buildings like St. John Parish Church, Clifton Hall Plantation House and Codrington College the oldest Theological College in the Western hemisphere. The vast ocean and country views, the old trees, pond and architecture of Codrington College make it a popular spot for weddings or photoshoots. Our top Instagram photo spot in St. John is Codrington College. Photo credit @iosphotography246


St. Joseph

St. Joseph is home to the quaint surfing town Bathsheba. Watch the professional surfers take on the waves at ‘soup bowl’while you soak in the ‘rock pools’ Bathesheba is a must visit on your island tour of Barbados. Our top Instagram photo spot in St. Joseph is Bathsheba, an untouched beauty.  Photo credit @sabrina.j.aman


St. Andrew

If you love hiking you have got to explore St. Andrew! The ‘cross’ and ‘whole in the rock’ are two of the most popular photo opportunities along the Chalky Mount Hike. The views (and hike) will leave you breathless! Trust us it’s work the hike! If you are looking for spectacular views without the hike? Take a drive up to Cherry Tree Hill, Barbados’ #1 look out spot! Our top Instagram photo spot in St. Andrew is Chalky Mount. Photo credit @onmyplate.blog


St. James

The platinum coast of St. James is home to many five star restaurants, luxury villas and beautiful beaches. Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is a luxury shopping centre with local and international brands and many places to grab a bite to eat. The property has been beautiful designed with a Caribbean Charm and has many cute places to snap an Insta-worthy photo. Our top Instagram photo spot in St. James is Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. Don’t forget to visit our office across the street from Limegrove Lifestyle Center and meet the Realtors Limited team. Photo credit @organizedtraveller


St. Peter

Speightstown is a charming, historic town on the west coast of St. Peter with many prime photo spots. Head out to the pier at sunset or take a photo in the crystal clear waters. Speightstown features traditional ‘town’ architecture that will leave you feeling like you have stepped back in time. Look out for the many brightly painted walls which make a great backdrop or head into one of the cute cafes or restaurants like the newly opened Local & Co. Our top Instagram photo spot in St. Peter is Speightstown. Photo credit @thelocalbarbados.


St. Lucy

The rough and rugged North coast is a great place to connect with nature. Look out to roaring waves of the Atlantic Ocean from the high cliff fronts, and if you are lucky, you may see whales crossing. Head into the naturally formed cave where you can see interesting rock formations, sea anemone and take stunning silhouette photos with the ocean as your backdrop. Our top Instagram photo spot in St. Lucy is The Animal Flower Cave. Photo credit @islandluxe246


Interested in purchasing property in Barbados. Contact our team at info@realtorslimited.com to book your accommodation. Click here to browse our sales properties across all 11 parishes.


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