Barbados Heritage – Experience our history

Barbados Heritage – Experience our history

During your trip to Barbados in your new and glamourous villa we recommend getting out and experiencing our islands old and rich history. Experience one of the oldest parliaments in the world, churches which have been around for almost three decades and a military regiment this island will be proud of for generations to come.

Barbados Parliament – Our parliament building stands at the heart of Bridgetown, a symbol that every local Barbadian can be proud of. Though this magnificent structure was only completed in 1874, the first Legislature had already passed over 200 years prior in 1639. These parliament buildings were constructed to house our governments Senate and House of Assembly, but today also features a museum showcasing our islands rich history. A must see on your trip into Bridgetown, even if just for a picture of its architectural magnificence.

St. Ann’s Fort – Home to the Barbados Defense Force, proudly serving her majesty and our island for over 30 years. Before the BDF though Barbados had a rich military history, routed in English Military leadership. To this day locals and visitors frequent the Main Guard to watch the changing of the Sentry ceremony. This tribute to our island’s rich military background, shows the guards dressed in the original colonial uniforms performing the changeover between guards set to protect the Main Guard Building and St. Ann’s Fort. Along with the changing of the guard, make sure to check out the cannon collection around the Garrison Savannah. The Barbados National Cannon Collection is the largest collection of 17th century English cannons in the world. With over 150 cannons kept inside the Fort for preservation, they are several other on display to the public. A true testament to the continued remembrance of the history and hard work that has made this island so great. 

Churches – Barbados is widely known for its people having a deep Christian upbringing, our churches reflect this continued support of God above and our warm hearts welcome all religions to enjoy this island. These beautiful chapels can be found scattered throughout Barbados, perched on cliff sides with views of the east coast and nestled in Bridgetown for access to the masses. One of Bridgetown’s oldest and most known churches is St. Mary’s Anglican Church with over 200 years and generations of families coming here to worship. The Jewish community also has a place to call home in Bridgetown, the Nidhe Israel Synagogue is rich in history and has a large community of members. The ritual bath known as the ‘Mikveh’ is one of the oldest in the western hemisphere over 350 years old. Other must see churches are St. James Parish Church, St. Johns Parish Church and Christ Church Parish Church

Don’t let your trip pass you by without setting yourself into the rich history that Barbados has to offer. 

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