Barbados Ancestry - Learn More About Your Barbadian Roots

Barbados Ancestry - Learn More About Your Barbadian Roots

Have you ever wondered about your family tree or tried to find a family member from Barbados? If you have, then The Barbados Genealogy Marketplace is the best place to trace your families rich history. The Barbados Genealogy Marketplace can trace your ancestor’s unique history with professional assistance from noted genealogist Mrs. Sandra Taitt-Eaddy.

Genealogy, more popularly known as family history is the study of families to help trace their individual lineages and history. Genealogists use many methods to trace a particular individual’s genealogy, some methods are;

One on One Interviews.

Historical Records.

Immigration Records.

Genetic Testing

The results are often displayed as a family tree which will then contain specific information in relation to location and further family ties. The pursuit of family history and origins is fuel by several motives, but mostly the personal desire to preserve one’s personal family history for future generations.

During this fun day out you can purchase authentic Bajan cuisine, meet local authors, watch fascinating documentaries and of course play games!

Whether you live in Barbados or you’re of Barbadian descent, come discover The Barbados Genealogy Marketplace and discover yourself.

Intrested parties can visit the expo on November 24th from 10am to 6pm at The Geneaology Center, Black Rock, St. Michael 

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