Barbados – Land of Sand, Sea and … Museums?

Barbados – Land of Sand, Sea and … Museums?

Barbados is a land of beauty, great weather and excitement all year round. At the very mention of the island's name, some things immediately leap into your mind: green cane fields, colourful rum shops, vibrant nightclubs, Rihanna - the singing sensation, and Crop-over – our annual street-party. Truth be told, however,there is much more to us than this. Here, there are interesting places to visit and a totally unique culture to embrace.

Although small in size, Barbados is big on heritage protection and conservation, as well as the  preservation of its history, culture and traditions. There are more museums on this island than there are in most of the other members of the island-chain. We, as a people, are proud of our history and heritage.

If all of Barbados' museums were gathered together they could fit, comfortably, in one building ...but, where's the fun in that? By having the collections scattered around the island we offer our visitors the opportunity to tour the countryside as they go from exhibit to exhibit.

You simply cannot visit Barbados and not visit some of our Museums. The following ten are examples of what's in store for you:

The Barbados Museum and Historical Society, the Garrison

            Our largest, most comprehensive collection.

The Museum of Parliament and the National Heroes Gallery, Bridgetown

            History of our Parliament and our Heroes.

Nidhe Israel Synagogue/Museum, Bridgetown

            Shares Barbados' Jewish history.

Arlington House Museum, Speightstown

            Interactive, modern depiction of our history.

Tyrol Cot House and Heritage Village, Codrington Hill

            Home of the first premier, Sir Grantley Adams, and the second Prime Minister, Sir Tom Adams, of Barbados

George Washington House, the Garrison

            USA's first President stayed here as a boy.

Cricket Legends of Barbados, Fontabelle

            Our National sport … then-now.

Sunbury Great House, St. Philip

            Collection of antiques /memorabilia.

Mallalieu Motor Collection, Hastings

            Exquisite vintage cars.

Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park, St. Philip

            Island's history through rum industry.

Visit our museums! Learn our past, understand our pride!

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