Travelling To Barbados - Tips To Help Your Trip

Travelling To Barbados - Tips To Help Your Trip

With winter coming along it will soon be time to escape the cold and head to Barbados for a much needed vacation. Once arriving at your villa all the stress and worries will melt away, but heres a few tips to make sure the stress is minimised during the journey to paradise.  

Know your airports; Though international flights are not as frequent as domestic flights there are many airports that fly to Barbados, check to see if a train ride or short drive to another airport could result in some big savings.

Avoid peak travel dates; Winter is the peak time for tourist traveling to our beautiful island, Barbados experiences a particular jump in arrivals during the two week period before Christmas and just after New Year’s. To help avoid the hustle and bustle come after the 2nd week in January to enjoy the vacation without the “traffic”

Shop around; If price is a factor, try shopping around for your tickets. Also if renting a villa in Barbados see if your travel agent can work a bundle deal for the group traveling. Any savings is great, especially if it means an extra day on the beach.

Leave early; All airports are crowded and just like you everyone else is trying to escape that winter chill in the Caribbean, whether it is traveling to Barbados or one of our neighboring islands you are guaranteed to meet some other travelers along the way. Avoid long lines and packed parking lots by leaving an hour earlier and checking in early, then you have time to enjoy a nice lunch or have a nap in the airport lounge.

Pack wisely; No matter how many times we travel we always find ourselves taking our clothes on a vacation, we pack them up but never wear them and then fly them back home again. Do some research on your destination, find out the essentials you will need and carry them. Barbados is a laid back environment, stick to comfortable cotton garments and limit elegant attire as you will more than likely only wear it one night.

The final tip we can offer is to just keep your cool, you are heading to Barbados for vacation! 

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