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30 Properties for Sale in Barbados - Perfect for you!

30 Properties for Sale in Barbados - Perfect for you!

The Barbados real estate market offers something for everyone. Here are 30 of our favourite properties currently listed for sale. From beachfront condos and neighbourhood homes to luxurious villas and historic great houses! 


Beachfront Properties 

Who doesn’t dream of living on the beach in beautiful Barbados? Here are four fabulous beachfront homes for sale. Click the name of each property to see photos and to read more. 

  1. White Sands Beach Villa, Christ Church – 2 bed, 2 bath -  $540,000 USD
  2. St. Peter’s Bay, Unit 511 Penthouse– 5 bed, 5 bath - $6,500,000 USD
  3. Atlantic Shores 106, Christ Church – 6 bed, 4 bath - $2,500,000 USD
  4. Mon Caprice, Sandy Lane – 5 bed, 6 bath - $4,250,000 USD


Condo Living

Condos are great options for new homeowners or those looking for an investment property. Harmony Hall Green is one Barbados’ newest condo developments coming Fall 2021, near to St. Lawrence Gap. Our other top condo picks are all beachfront condos. Living in a beachfront condo is a more affordable option for living right on the water. Beachfront condos also rent exceptionally well, especially over the winter seasons. Click through to see more on these condos for sale in Barbados.

  1. Harmony Hall Green, Christ Church – 1 bed, 1 bath - $260,500 USD
  2. Harmony Hall Green, Christ Church -  2 bed, 2 bath - $378,000 USD
  3. The Sands, Christ Church – 3 bed, 2 bath, Beachfront -   $529,550 USD
  4. Mistle Cove #206, St. Lawrence Gap, Beachfront – 2 bed, 2 bath - $650,000 USD
  5. Sandy Cove 203, St. James, Beachfront – 3 bed, 4 bath - $ 2,200,000 USD


Luxury Villas

Barbados’ most exceptional homes can be found in luxurious estates like Royal Westmoreland and Sandy Lane or along the Platinum West Coast. These homes are simply breathtaking and have every amenity you can dream of! Here are four of our favourite luxury villas for sale in Barbados.

  1. Seaduced, Royal Westmoreland – 5 bed, 7 bath - $5,200,000 USD
  2. “Westerings” Royal Westmoreland – 6 bed, 6.5 bath - $5,750,000 USD
  3. “In the Trees”, Sion Hill – 5 bed, 5.5 bath - $3,900,000 USD
  4. Vistamar, Sandy Lane – 6 bed, 6 bath - $3,500,000 USD


East Escapes 

Escape to the peaceful, natural beauty of the east coast. Many Barbadian families own second homes or rent beach houses in Cattlewash to unwind near the sea. The east coast parishes or St. Joseph, St. John and St. Philip are known for their windswept landscapes and nearby hiking trails. Beach Houses is a new development by The Crane Resorts for the best, luxury retreat on the island. Click through to see more on our three favourite ‘east escape’ properties for sale now.

  1. White Caps, Cattlewash, St. Joseph – 4 bed, 4 bath $975,000 USD
  2. Beach Houses, St. Philip – 3 bed, 3 bath - $2,450,000 USD
  3. Serendipity, St John – 2 bed, 2 bath - $799,500 USD


Historic Homes 

Two traditional, Barbadian Great Houses currently on the market, both offering unique, historic charm and lush mature gardens. Yorkshire Great House is believed to date back to the 18th century! The homes historic elegance was carefully preserved, antique furnishings and original paintings will make you feel like you are stepping back in time. Bulkeley Great House is an exceptional house for entertaining. The pool is one of our favourite pools in Barbados. Click through to see photos of this ‘old charm meets modern amenities’ historic home. 

  1. Yorkshire Great House, Christ Church – 5 bed, 2.5 bath - $1,750,000 USD
  2. Bulkeley Great House, St. George – 5 bed, 4 bath - $4,500,000 USD


Neighbourhood Homes

Join the neighbourhood at one of these four, five or six bedroom homes, great for large families! Christ Church and St. Philip are the two southern most parishes making all of these homes a short drive away from beautiful beaches, shopping, groceries and other amenities. Here are six neighbourhood homes in Barbados currently listed for sale: 

  1. Frere Pilgrim, #9 Pangola Court, Christ Church – 4 bed, 4 bath - $4,500,000 USD
  2. Seaview, Chancery Lane, Christ Church – 5 bed, 4 bath - $1,750,000 USD
  3. Belair, “Beachy Crest”, St. Philip – 5 bed, 3 bath - $712,500 USD
  4. Goblin Hill 6, Rockley, Christ Church– 5 bed, 3 bath - $850,000 USD
  5. Neptune Close 192, St. Philip – 4 bed, 3 bath - $275,000 USD
  6. Newton 64, Christ Church 6 bed, 5 bath - $475,000 USD

Golf Getaways 

Living on a golf course is great for active families, whether you are golfers or not. The golf paths make great running or walking trails and the landscaped spaces are a great way to connect with nature in your backyard! The Barbados Golf Club in located in Durants, Christ Church, a short drive from the airport. Royal Westmoreland Golf Resort provides a range of fabulous amenities to owners including Beach Club access, while Apes Hill will be home to Barbados newest golf course, coming soon. Here are six ‘golf getaway’ properties in Barbados that you can call home.


  1. Durant’s Fairway – 4 bed, 3 bath - $547,500 USD
  2. Hilltop Crescent #22, Durants - 4 bed, 3 bath - $950,000 USD
  3. Coconut Grove 5, Royal Westmoreland – 3 bed, 3 bath $975,000 USD
  4. Cassia Heights 2, Royal Westmoreland – 3 bed, 3 bath - $695,000 USD
  5. Sugar Cane Ridge #22, Royal Westmoreland – 4 bed, 3 bath - $1,345,000 USD
  6. Apes Hill, Garden Wall 13G, St. James – 3 bed, 3.5 bath - $1,300,000 USD


Looking for a home in Barbados? Our Realtors Limited team will help you find exactly what suits your unique needs. Email info@realtorslimited.com to start the journey to owning a home in Barbados.

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