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Buying A House In Barbados; How to get started

Buying A House In Barbados; How to get started

Start With Your Budget

Before you begin your house search in Barbados you should have a preapproval letter in hand from a lender and an idea of your comfort level with a prospective house payment. Realtors Limited can help you begin the search for homes or land for sale that fits your budget.

Find the Right Neighborhood

After you’ve established your price range you’ll need to narrow your search by neighborhood. You should be looking at neighborhoods that allow an acceptable commute to work or leisure given on what your needs may be. It’s a good idea to visit communities at various times of day and night, and on weekends and weekdays, to get a feel for who lives there and what the activity level is like. Barbados has a wide range of areas to choose from when looking for a home, so take your time and advice from your sales agent to find the right spot for you.

Contact Your Realtor

Most buyers start searching for a home online on websites such, but you can also ask our sales team to help you. You can request email alerts that notify you when a home that fits your list of priorities comes on the market. You can evaluate a home first by looking at photos and a description online. The next step in your house hunt is narrowing down your priorities to find the home that meets your needs.  Your sales agent will help you look at both new homes and existing homes. New homes are sometimes more expensive than existing homes, but they require less maintenance and often have lower utility bills because of their energy-efficient features.

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