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Jupiter Gardens, St. Peter

Land Area: 
4,861 sq. ft.

Jupiter Gardens, St. Peter

$35,500 USD
West Coast
Property Description: 

lots for sale

Jupiter Gardens is a new housing development consisting of lots for sale in the parish of St Peter, Barbados. The lots are located near Mile-and-a-Quarter, a mile from the sea. Several of the lots for sale overlook the sea.

The lots for sale are between 4,000 and 6,500 square feet. Sale price is B$19 a square foot, with the cheapest lot being priced at B$76,000.00 and the most expensive lot at B$125,500.

Jupiter Gardens pays all the following costs, which are normally paid by the purchaser:

  • The purchaser’s legal costs

  • All the bank’s legal costs (normally borne by the purchaser), if the purchaser is getting a mortgage

  • Mortgage stamp duty

  • Purchaser’s commitment fee that the bank charges for the mortgage (normally 1%)

  • Survey of the lot

Jupiter Gardens has negotiated a mortgage rate of 5¾% for a 15-year mortgage with a bank, a lower rate than a borrower can normally get from any institution in Barbados.

All the purchaser pays is a 10% deposit (fully refundable if he or she fails to qualify for a mortgage or changes his or her mind) and monthly payments on his or her mortgage – no other hidden payments.

Make your dream a reality and start making the move to buy one of these lots for sale today. 


123    4861       $83123    

130    4501       $76975

142    5785       $98933

149    4783       $81797

150    4769       $81558

153    4896       $83330

159    4498       $76919

160    4612       $78870

161    4667       $79809



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