• Listing Agent
  • Listing Company & Marketing Strategies
  • Preparing your home for Sale
  • Consideration of Home Inspection
  • Pricing your Home to Sell


  • Property Size
  • Amenities
  • Proximity to Schools, Entertainment, and Daily or weekly activities
  • Neighbourhood
  • Property Condition
  • Opportunities for Expansion
  • Mortgage Expenses
  • Real Estate Purchasing Agent
  • Rates of Equity


  • Check a few Mortgage Agencies and compare their rates
  • Get Pre-Approved
  • Enquire about Down Payment requirements
  • Enquire about other closing costs and legal fees
  • Understand Mortgage Options
  • Fixed vs Variable Rates


  • Ask what documents are required and how you may access them to proceed with your valuation
  • Ask what points of reference your valuation officer uses to prepare their valuations
  • Ask what items are included in the valuation report such as (Images, Reference data, and building materials)

Legal Guidelines

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