Covered Area: 
1,100 sq. ft.
Land Area: 
34,000 sq. ft.
1 Bedrooms


$280,000 USD
East Coast
Property Description: 

Tree House Eco-Friendly Villa

Modern Solar Powered Villa with tropical fruit trees 3 km from Bathsheba.

Located in Chimborazo, St. Joseph amid the last remaining tract of natural Barbadian rainforest, Tree House is an eco-friendly villa designed to provide net zero living in modern comfort. Net zero living is a progressive green energy concept in which a house is equipped to produce as much energy as it consumes by harnessing the natural resource of solar power.

The first of its kind in Barbados, this off-the-grid eco-friendly one bedroom Barbados rental home sits on approximately 34,000 square feet. of land. The property has been created with maximum efficiency in mind – a delightful juxtaposition of cutting edge technology and the tranquillity of an ancient rainforest.

The sleek, modern kitchen leads out to a large covered patio with seating for informal dining, with a view of the surrounding greenery. The materials used in the construction of Tree House were responsibly sourced and include sustainable farmed lumber. Measures have been taken to ensure superior air quality on the interior.

Additional features include a comprehensive energy management system, as well as systems for water conservation and catchment. Naturally, the home is also equipped with solar water heating. The organic kitchen garden and orchard with mango, plantain, papaya, avocado, banana, fig and lime trees allow for “living off the land”, island style.

The energetic surf of East Coast is a short drive away at Bathsheba Beach, a well-loved spot for picnicking and weekend getaways, not to mention some of the best waves on the island for those who enjoy surfing. Tree House is a dream come true for the naturalist looking to visit a creatively designed eco-friendly home made for responsible living with a minimal carbon footprint. Land area: 34,000 sq. ft.


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