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“Mr. Nick” Parravicino celebrated his 84th birthday on Sep 2.

We’ve been told that WestJet has reduced fares to Barbados, so head to the WestJet website and book your flights before the discounts are over!

Approaching Christmas, there’s plenty to do in Barbados besides duty-free shopping for presents. 

The Sandy Lane Gold Cup is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. It is considered the most prestigious horse race in the Eastern Caribbean, and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. And for good reasons, too.

The old expression “Nothing succeeds like success” is so true.

For some, holiday relaxation means tucking into a good book with a tropical sunset backdrop. Others require a little more activity, like teeing off on a designer course while breathing in the fresh sea air outside.

Barbados: the little Caribbean island that offers a holiday of dreams for travellers and a home of warm delight for its residents.

While out on a bender one night with my unmarried bros, after many pints, we came up with the idea of all going on holiday in the Caribbean. The rules for our brocation were simple: no women; no work; no ifs, ands or buts.

Anyone who owns and loves a pet knows that it’s incredibly difficult leaving them behind as you set off for a fun-filled breakaway.

Whenever we went on holiday, I used to try to picture how the outside world sees my family, and I’m pretty certain I wasn’t far off – we were the family with one kid screaming while the other runs off to who-knows-where, and the mom – sweaty and f

As parents, my husband and I have always made an effort to run the family as a close-knit unit. It’s the little things like good times and good gestures that make bonds stronger.

Growing up, I imagined wonderful things for my future – a life of happiness, fulfilment, love and all things shiny. I imagined a beautiful home, a loving family unit, a successful career, and a sexy physique.

An amber sun sets on the horizon of a glistening blue ocean. The sweet, warm evening embraces you, and you begin to fill with excitement.

Anxiously anticipating my upcoming vacation I checked off the items on my packing list.

Barbados is home to amazing views. On a recent island tour the following scenes were captured.

Two kids, 10 gray hairs later and I am finally returning to Barbados. Can't believe it has been 17 years since I last felt warm rays of sunlight piercing through my skin. Oh how I missed this island!

Just a few weeks ago we had the Top Gear Festival at Bushy Park, St. Philip. Although the event was just two days long, 17th and 18th May, the build up to it was amazing.

Polo, which dates as far back as 1884, is fast becoming a favourite sport in Barbados. Interestingly, activities which involve horses are growing in popularity here.

Barbados is one of the most exciting destinations in the world. In addition to its great weather and natural beauty, vibrant nightlife, fascinating places to visit and very friendly people it is an island known for sports activities.

Don't be fooled. There is much more to Barbados than beaches and sunshine. In addition to the culture, cuisine, rum and annual Crop Over Festival this island's beauty is second to none.

Barbados is a land of beauty, great weather and excitement all year round.

On Saturday 18th January Realtors Limited held their annual Race Day at the Garrison Savannah and I must say, a great day was had by all. The races were exciting, the crowd was loud and enthusiastic and the drink and food was flowing!

The races are back and the season opens with a bang as Realtors Race Day offers a day of fun and excitement at the Garrison Savannah!

"What? You've never been to horseracing? Never?"

How many people know, I wonder, that horse racing in Barbados was started on the Garrison Savannah in 1905 and has continued there annually until the present?


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