Barbados Cuisine - Eat like a local

Barbados Cuisine - Eat like a local

During you trip to Barbados, you will have a wide choice of fine dining restaurants such as Cin Cin, Buzo or Waterside Café. But to really experience the local flavours and flare you may just need to step out of your villa and on to the streets to find some of the best food on the island.

Enjoy local favourites like;

Fish Cakes – These little ‘mini doughnut’ shaped morsels are a staple in Barbados cuisine. Made from salted cod, local herbs and spices. The dough is fried up and served with a variety of sauces. Kick it up a notch and do like the locals and have a Bread and Two, two hot fresh crispy fish cakes inside a freshly baked salt bread. Cover it with some pepper sauce and you will be as local as the prime minister himself!

Cutters – Every ‘rum shop’, corner store and sometimes even the odd restaurant will have their own version of this Bajan favourite. Cutters are most of the time filled with the pan seared local catch which is tender and flakey, but can be stuffed with Fried Chicken, Roast Pork and Gravy, fried Flying Fish or the ever popular ‘cheese cuttah’. Grab one of these filled salt bread “cutters” and head to the beach with your cooler and get relaxing.

Breadfruit – A common fruit grown in most backyards, this bajan treat is served all around Barbados. Don’t pass up the opportunities to try Breadfruit chips, crisp thin and light a treat that even the locals will wait in line for. Bajan’s are known for stuffing it with various meat and vegetable fillings, roasting it in a bonfire making a great addition to any event. Other preparations to this green skinned fruit are really up to you imagination, check the menu boards and experiment.

Fresh Fish – Barbados has some of the best fish in the world, caught daily and seasoned with recipes passed down from generation to generation. Everything from Barracuda and Mahi Mahi to Lion Fish and Cavalli. A must try when on island is our local flying fish, have it deep fried or steamed over a big scoop of “cou cou” (a local dish, similar to polenta).

BBQ Pigtails – This salted meat is looked at as a meat treat for animals, but don’t hesitate to try this local delicacy. Bajan’s love to grill these up for parties, dinners, ‘jump ups’ and ‘lick downs’. Though mostly found barbequed they can be found in everything from tradition bajan long soup, to rice and peas. A salty sweet treat that will have even the pickiest eater coming back for more.

Street vendors and ‘rum shops’ in Barbados offer you a wide variety of options, with five star flavour. Grab an ice cold banks and get out there and experience the flavours of Barbados. 

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