Barbados a Surfers Paradise

Barbados a Surfers Paradise

Barbados is known for its rum, hospitable people, great food, epic parties like Grand Kadooment and much more. But nestled all around the island are fantastic surf spots which will give you a different experience each time, so lets get you out your villa and on to the next set of waves.

South Coast -

Surfers will find surf spots like South Point, Brandon’s, Freights Bay and Accra and many more scattered along this part of the island. Surfing in Barbados is best from mid-October to early July, but waves can be found year round with the right determination. The best time to Surf on the south side of Barbados is at low tide because the waves get really powerful and fast. We have a wide selection of Condominiums and villas close to a few of the best spots on the south coast, perfect holiday rentals to help you find that perfect wave.

West Coast -

The west coast of Barbados has fantastic waves, but can be very inconsistent. Waking up to a colder than usual Caribbean area usually means a low pressure system causing a north swell which means good waves. There lots of spots close to some of our most popular villas that are a perfect place to “get your toes wet”. Maycocks, Tropicana and Batts Rock would be top picks, but every so often catching a wave outside the Exclusive Sandy Lane Hotel is one experience you will be talking about long after leaving Barbados.

East Coast -

Home to the world famous surf spot Soup Bowl, a spot that is sometimes compared to the north shore of Oahu. As it faces the east, the wind can often be a factor but there is always waves to Surf. This side of the island is very untouched but its rural beauty and perfect waves make it a perfect reason to pack a cooler and head out from your villa to find that perfect wave. 

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